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Audio drama is one of the most intimate and expressive dramatic mediums, rivaling theater and film in poetic, visual, and narrative qualities. Many people are unaware of this - a stigma lingers that "radio drama" is a scratchy, cartoonish thing of the past, as if people thought that cinema ended with silent movies, unaware of all the great films made since that time. In reality, audio and radio drama is the great frontier of modern theater - with subtle, intimate performances and powerful, gripping stories.

My aim is to promote a discussion of the art, sociology, theory, and future of this remarkable artistic form. The current state of audio drama is precarious, but through careful consideration of how content is presented, distributed, and interacted with, I believe that the radio and audio drama community can grow and prosper and reach an even wider audience.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Don't worry, I haven't been hit by a bus.

My current job is seasonal, which means I work like mad for six months and then have the next six months free. I've got some nice things planned once my job ends in September, including renewed work on the Audio Drama Wiki, some analysis of modern audio drama from North America, another big interview, and an analysis of the three radio adaptations of Mervyn Peake's Titus Groan books.

If anyone has any information about the Australian Gormenghast adaptation, I would be very curious to learn more about it. I've listened to it but don't have any reliable credits list or background information. If I can find that info, I'll be able to write a nice entry in the Audio Drama Wiki for it.

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